About Us


Our mission at Kamui International is to enrich lives by providing exquisite indoor plants tailored to individual preferences and budgets. Through unparalleled customer service and dedication, we aim to create environments that promote tranquility and well-being.


We envision a world where every living and working space is transformed into a sanctuary of natural beauty and serenity. As the leading provider of indoor plants globally, we aspire to inspire and uplift individuals, fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting holistic well-being.


We have a great team working both in Japan and Sri Lanka. Kamui has 2 directors in these 2 countries. Mr Thusara Chinthaka and Ms. Onishi Mai. With these well established and experienced work force, Kamui delivers to its customers nothing but the best.Come home to a paradise that you deserve or work in an exquisite environment with our pots of nature. 

We, Kamui International will help you make your home and office space with beauty of nature with the greeneries you love to make your living space that will put all your stress at ease. We provide all kind of indoor plants according to your taste and budget. Our dedicated staff is always at your service to answer all your inquiries.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

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